Are You Safe My Wild Beauties?

Posted: December 7, 2009 in Animal Interest Stories
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This weekend I saw this beautiful photograph of wild mustangs on The Pioneer Woman blog. My heart sank. Being a city gal and not knowing much about how wild mustangs are cared for, all I could think of with these horses in a large group and a pen was, “Oh my God, please tell me these horses are not being rounded up to take to a slaughter house!”

Well you all know me, I could not rest until I knew these mustangs were safe. I wrote the following in the comments section, and thankfully The Pioneer Woman, or Ree, was kind enough to answer my comment right away. I was amazed as she gets thousands and thousands of comments on her blog. Thank you so much Ree for alleviating the pain in my heart.

On December 6th, 2009 at 12:16 pm Kathleen said:

Ree, why are these horses all grouped together. PLEASE tell me you do not ship to horse slaughter plants. Oh please tell me not!

I represented my state (Tennessee) trying to call our representatives to get the bills passed against this. I really wish you would write a wonderful article against this travesty on your blog. Your voice could really help!

Kathleen, the horses were gathered and put into the pen so that we could wean the colts (who are getting big) off of their mothers (so we don’t have a population problem.) They were in the pens for a very short time one day last week. We care for the horses . . . they are federally protected animals.


Not only did she reply to my comment, but she included an incredible post today about why these horses are rounded up like this. It is a method of separating the colts in order to help keep down an explosion of mustangs. You must read her post. It is very interesting, and the photographs are truly amazing as well.

I was so glad when she said people could download the photo above because I really wanted to share this experience with all of you. I will definitely have this printed and hang it in my home as well. I adore wild mustangs, and this photo is incredibly beautiful. Now I can look at it and enjoy it knowing these beautiful animals are safe because of kind folks like Ree and her Marlboro Man in Oklahoma.

  1. diane says:

    It is a beautiful photograph of beautiful animals. Glad your assumption was wrong.

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